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X-Cart reBOOT is a multi-purpose, fully responsive template based on the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework of them all, Bootstrap.

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X-Cart reBOOT is available for X-Cart Classic 4.7.x only.

If you order installation, we will need your X-Cart admin username / password and your FTP details.
You can submit securely here.


  • X-Cart v4.7.11 Gold / Gold Plus / Platinum
  • Basic - Intermediate HTML / CSS / Smarty knowledge
  • Good working knowledge of X-Cart and backend


  • Easy installation, steps minimised as much as possible
  • Fast and fully responsive throughout
  • Flexible layouts easily configured in the settings
  • Dozens of options and variations of layouts
  • Search engine optimised, semantic HTML
  • Rich Snippets / micro formats code included
  • Seamless Wordpress integration
  • Bonus addons including Redactor HTML editors (worth $99)
  • Easy to modify themes
  • Bootswatch themes, ideal for those who would prefer a dark theme
  • Low cost / quick return on investment / free support when you need it
  • Lots of shortcodes and widgets to experiment with
  • Revised fastlane and one page checkouts
  • Well thought out template, 3+ years in development

Themes and Layouts

  • 20 preset themes, based on material design colours
  • 16 Bootswatch themes, dark and light variations
  • Realtime theme previewer
  • Logo image and favicon uploaders
  • Choice of 725 Google fonts for headings
  • Choice of body font stack, all cross-browser friendly
  • Choice of dialog and menu box styles
  • Configurable button colours, add to cart, wishlist, minicart etc.
  • Boxed or fluid (full width) layouts
  • Layout can be one, two or three columns
  • Many choices of header and footer layouts
  • 20 types of footer contents available!


  • 3 types of sidebar category menus, 5 level sliding, 2 level sliding or basic list
  • Manufacturers menu can be a dropdown or list
  • Bestsellers, new arrivals and recently viewed can be carousels or lists
  • Search by price slider
  • Optional sliding account menu


  • Dynamic or custom homepage
  • Countdown to an event
  • Bestsellers carousel
  • Featured categories addon, with 3 styles
  • New, on sale and featured products, which can be displayed in tabs, accordions or standard dialogs
  • Welcome message, news message and blog posts which can be in scrollable boxes
  • Manufacturers logo carousel and more...

Homepage Slider

  • Beautiful responsive slider with up to 5 slides and optional eye-catching, animated captions
  • Ability to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos if you wish
  • Image slide uploaders

Header Menu

  • 9 responsive menu types, including dropdown/flyout and mega menus
  • Lots of options, including effects and animations, stickyness etc.
  • Advanced categories addon which allows you to tweak further
  • Simple unordered lists, so making your own custom menu is a breeze

Product Listings

  • Revamped, responsive masonry style layouts, with grid, rows and list views
  • Views can be switched and even sorted by price/stock/name with no page refresh!
  • You can choose which product data you want displayed
  • Product thumbnails can be animated in, 70 different effects
  • Product 'quick views' NEW

Product Pages

  • Display can be configured in many ways, left or right hand side product image
  • Product information can be displayed in tabs (on top if you wish), accordions or standard dialogs
  • Very latest Cloudzoom for image zooming and optional lightbox for detailed images
  • Optional additional product data including banners, file downloads, FAQs, videos and audio!
  • Optional Disqus commenting
  • Improved social count / sharing buttons

Included Addons

  • Responsive lightbox with 10 themes to choose from
  • Optional Google map for contact us page
  • Advanced testimonials addon for customer feedback with easy admin panel
  • Glossary tooltips with easy admin panel
  • Advanced upselling products addon enabling you to add them fast in bulk by category or manufacturer
  • Seamlessly integrate a Wordpress blog in minutes!
  • SEO content panels displaying unobtrusive text of your choice
  • Redactor HTML editors with image/file uploaders and more (worth $99)
  • Easy custom contact forms NEW
  • Password protected static pages NEW


  • Fast, dynamic live search box for products, categories and manufacturers
  • Search by price sliders that can be placed in the sidebar
  • Full screen search widget available

RSS Feeds

  • Valid RSS feeds for latest products and latest news, generated manually or by using a cron job.

Audio & Video

  • Advanced HTML5 players with 5 skins to choose from
  • Responsive videos, which can be YouTube, Vimeo or local MP4/WEBM videos
  • MP3 players which can displayed individually or as a playlist


  • General FAQs page, 5 sections with up to 20 FAQs in each
  • Dynamic image gallery with thumbnails generator
  • Alternative uploads manager for files, images, audio, video etc.
  • 'Must agree to terms & conditions' feature
  • Optional avatars on customer reviews and testimonials
  • Social profile buttons for all the major social networks
  • Social streams for Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
  • AJAX newsletter subscribe


  • HTML minifier to get rid of ugly white space in the source code
  • Structured data markup AKA Rich snippets and microdata included
And much more !

The template comes with the following optional addons...

Advanced Category Menus & Featured Categories

Allows you to use mega menus and dropdown / flyout menus at the same time in your header menu. Menus can also be tweaked further. Allows you to specify featured categories, which can be displayed in various styles, on the homepage, or anywhere else.

Advanced Page Meta

Enables you to update title tags and meta descriptions in bulk in admin. For use with the Clean URLs module only.

Advanced Testimonials

Allows your customers to post testimonials and displays them on a dedicated page with pagination and per page selector. It also includes an easy to use administration section.

Advanced Upselling Products

Allows you to add upselling products in bulk, from a category or a manufacturer. You can choose how many upselling products to display and they can be random or not. The standard upselling products module will still function alongside this addon.

Device Detect

Informs you which kind of device your customers ordered with - Mobile, Tablet or Desktop. You can also display specific content in the store according to which device type the customer is using.

Easy Custom Contact Forms

Generate custom forms with ease, with automated email sending. No PHP skills required.

Manufacturers A-Z

Splits manufacturers listing pages into A-Z. Handy if you have hundreds of manufacturers.

Password Protected Static Pages

Simple password protection for static pages of your choice.

Product Additional Data

This displays extra product data on the product pages.

  • Product Banners - up to 3 rotating banners to alert customers of promotions or important information.
  • Product FAQs - up to 10 questions and answers
  • Product Downloads - up to 5 files with optional descriptions
  • Product Videos - up to 5 videos, either YouTube, Vimeo or local video files (MP4 & WEBM formats)
  • Product Audio - up to 20 tracks (MP3 format). Can be displayed individually or in a playlist

The data can be made common for multiple products if you wish.

Redactor HTML Editors (worth $99)

Advanced HTML editors with image and file uploaders, CDN support and more.

SEO Content Panels

Adds unobtrusive text of your choice to the footer of the homepage, category and manufacturer pages. Optional scrollable content box.

Wordpress Blog Integration

Seamlessly integrates Wordpress into the store.

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