X-Cart Commentics Integration

X-Cart Commentics Integration

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Forget the X-Cart reviews/ratings module, forget Facebook and Twitter, this is the reviews/comments module you've been waiting for!

  • Tons of options, anti-spam measures, ratings, subscriptions, RSS feeds etc. etc.
  • Commentics even has the golden element for SEO - Rich Snippets
  • Displays comments on product pages and static pages !
  • Displays recent comments and other statistics on your homepage
  • Compatible with X-Cart v4.1.x - v4.5.x
  • Visit www.commentics.org for more details
  • Compatible with Clean URLs and other URL rewriting mods
  • 27th March 2012 - Updated to fix database connection issue.
  • 16th April 2012 - Fixed pagination issue
  • 26th June 2012 - Updated integration files to use Commentics v2.0
  • 5th Aug 2012 - Updated integration files to use Commentics v2.1 and removed 2 install steps
  • 10th Oct 2012 - Updated, tested with Commentics v2.2
  • 19th Dec 2013 - Patch updated for v4.6.x


  • Captcha
  • Smilies
  • BB Code
  • Preview
  • Star Ratings
  • Pagination
  • Email Subscription
  • Swear/Spam Filter
  • Anti-flooding
  • Terms Acceptance
  • RSS Feed


  • Highly Configurable
  • Multiple Admins
  • Database Backup
  • Online Viewers
  • Drag & Drop Design
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Version Check
  • Statistics
  • Ban System
  • Help Pages
  • Last Login
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X-Cart Add to Cart Popup Alert

X-Cart Add to Cart Popup Alert

  • Alerts your customers that they have added to cart
  • Displays upselling or random products
  • Displays link to cart, checkout or close popup (continue shopping)
  • Works on the product listing pages, search result pages etc. also
  • Uses Shadowbox
  • 6th March 2011 - The mod has been updated to display upselling items properly on the search results pages and it now has proper language labels
X-Cart AJAX Product Rating System

X-Cart AJAX Product Rating System

  • Replaces the dull X-Cart rating system with a funky AJAX rating system.
  • Instant product voting without page refreshing, records IP addresses.
  • Use on your product search results pages and product pages.
  • Can easily replace the standard X-Cart product rating dropdown box.
  • Uses a separate database table for ratings.
  • Used on this site - see to the left - login to rate.
X-Cart Price Match Request

X-Cart Price Match Request

  • Allows your customers to enter competitor’s prices and URLs.
  • Sends an email to admin with all the customer’s details.
  • You decide whether you want to match or beat the price and send a discount coupon to that person etc.
  • Fully customisable with language variables.
  • Validated form fields.
  • Logs IP address.
  • 18/3/08 - Updated with captcha
  • PHP5 users, please read the included fix