X-Cart X-Cart Ultra Template Template

X-Cart Ultra is a fast, advanced, fully responsive, SEO friendly template for X-Cart Classic, based on Bootstrap 4.

Version: 1.2.0 Check for Updates

Released: 8th June 2017

Compatibility: X-Cart v4.7.8 Gold / Gold Plus / Platinum

Terms & Conditions: Click here to read

Support: https://www.xcartmods.co.uk/ultra

© 2017 www.xcartmods.co.uk


  • X-Cart v4.7.8 Gold / Gold Plus / Platinum
  • Basic - Intermediate HTML / CSS / Smarty knowledge
  • Good working knowledge of X-Cart


  • PHP v5.6.x and above
  • Some knowledge of Bootstrap is a bonus


Installation can be performed by us for $100 (FTP and X-Cart admin details are required).

Contact sales@xcartmods.co.uk if you require this service.

1 Upload all files from the local /upload folder to your store root folder.

Ensure rss_news.xml, rss_products.xml, skin/ultra/custom/glossary/glossary.json and the /captcha folder are writable (CHMOD 777).

2 In Admin > Tools > Patch/Upgrade

Underneath 'Apply SQL patch', browse to /install/patch_install.sql and press 'Apply'.

3 In auth.php




# Ultra Template
if ($alt_skin_info['alt_schemes_skin_name'] == 'ultra') {
    include './altskin_common.php';
# /Ultra Template

4 In product.php


// Define product tabs


// Ultra Get Product Parent Category ID
$qry = db_query("SELECT DISTINCT(parentid) FROM $sql_tbl[categories] WHERE categoryid = $product_info[categoryid]"); 
$result = db_fetch_array($qry); 
$parentid = $result['parentid'];
// /Ultra Get Product Parent Category ID

5 In include/search.php

This step alters the products 'per page' dropdown...


        for ($i = 5; 50 >= $i; $i = $i + 5) {
            $perPageValues[] = $i;


        # Ultra Template
        if ($alt_skin_info['alt_schemes_skin_name'] == 'ultra') {
        $pp = $config['Appearance']['products_per_page'];
		$pp_max = $pp * 8; // # of Steps
            for ($i = $pp; $pp_max >= $i; $i = $i + $pp) {
                $perPageValues[] = $i;
            //$perPageValues[9999] = '9999'; // View All (optional)
        } else {
            for ($i = 5; 50 >= $i; $i = $i + 5) {
                $perPageValues[] = $i;
        # /Ultra Template

6 In include/func/func.image.php

This step sets the maximum width and height for category icons...


    $icon_sizes['ideal_responsive'] = $icon_sizes["books_and_magazines"] = $icon_sizes['ideal_comfort'] = $icon_sizes['2-columns'] = $icon_sizes['3-columns'] = array('width' => '16', 'height' => '16');


    # Ultra Template - Category Icons
    $icon_sizes['ultra'] = array('width' => '125', 'height' => '125');
    # /Ultra Template - Category Icons

7 In skin/common_files/common_templates.tpl



  {if $usertype eq 'C'}


{* Ultra Template *}

{elseif $main eq 'altskin_glossary'}
{include file='admin/altskin_glossary.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'altskin_manager'}
{include file='admin/altskin_manager.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'altskin_testimonials_admin'}
{include file='admin/altskin_testimonials.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'altskin_testimonials'}
{include file='modules/Testimonials/testimonials.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'altskin_testimonial_add'}
{include file='modules/Testimonials/testimonial_add.tpl'}

{elseif $main eq 'altskin_blog'}
{include file='custom/blog.tpl'}

{* /Ultra Template *}

8 If using X-Cart GOLD or GOLD PLUS...

In skin/common_files/single/menu_box.tpl


If using X-Cart PLATINUM...

In skin/common_files/single/menu_box.tpl AND skin/common_files/admin/menu_box.tpl




{* Ultra Template *}
{if $alt_skin_info.alt_schemes_skin_name eq 'ultra'}
{include file="admin/altskin_menu_box.tpl"}
{* /Ultra Template *}

9 IMPORTANT - In Admin > Tools > Maintenence

Click the 'Clear' button underneath 'Clear X-Cart cache'

10 In Settings > General Settings > Appearance

Under 'Select skin to use', select 'Ultra (Responsive)' and apply.


You should now see the Ultra skin on your store front end.

A new 'Template' tab should appear in the X-Cart admin header menu.


1 In admin/db_backup.php around line 236...


            if (!in_array($_table, $sql_tbl))


//            if (!in_array($_table, $sql_tbl))
//                continue;

(This ensures all tables, including non-standard X-Cart tables, will be exported when performing a database backup from admin)

2 Add the code from /misc/htaccess.txt to the end of your store root .htaccess file.

(This will enable GZIP compression (if your server supports it) and other performance related aspects)

3 Upload /misc/robots.txt to your store root. Uncomment the sitemap line and change the sitemap URL path.

4 Change the default passwords in testimonials_admin.php and uploads/manager.php (line 8)

(Passwords must be at least 8 characters and must contain at least 1 letter, 1 digit and 1 special character)

5 To display the custom FAQs widget, in your FAQ static page, add the following code...

{include file="custom/faq.tpl"}

(By default you can add to skin/common_files/pages/en/faq.html)

6 If you haven't done so already, protect your /admin folder from unauthorised access.

You can usually do so via your hosting control panel, or via .htaccess, example tool.

Or, if you have a fixed IP address, in /admin/.htaccess add...

order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from
allow from


The following optional addons / features are available, most of which require some additional installation steps.

Check your local /addons folder for installation instructions for each addon.

Enables you to update title tags and meta descriptions in bulk in admin.

Available on products, categories, manufacturers and static pages listings.

You can set limits on the title and meta description character lengths if you wish.

For use with the Clean URLs module only.

Allows your customers to post testimonials and displays them on a dedicated page with pagination and per page selector.

It also includes an easy to use administration section.

Allows you to add upselling products in bulk, from a category or a manufacturer.

You can choose how many upselling products to display and they can be random or not.

The standard upselling products module will still function alongside this addon.

Generate custom forms with ease, with automated email sending. No PHP skills required.

Allows you to specify featured categories, which can be displayed in various styles, on the homepage, or anywhere else.

You can also hide categories from the category menus.

Displays popovers on keywords/phrases of your choice. No additional installation required.

Informs you which kind of device your customers ordered with - Mobile, Tablet or Desktop.

You can also display specific content in the store according to which device type your visitors are using.

Simple password protection for static pages of your choice.

Adds up to 5 downloads and 10 product FAQs per product.

Seamlessly integrates Wordpress into the store.


You can download the latest version here.

You can post a ticket here. Please include your order ID. Or, you can post a message on the discussion forums here or here.

Live chat support is often available here.

Files might be missing, so ensure that you have uploaded all the necessary files.

In the first instance, check the latest PHP logs in /var/log which should help you track down the issue.

You can also audit your Smarty templates by running Tools > Maintenance > "Check the syntax of all templates"

See here for more info about Smarty v3.

This may happen after changing settings in Wordpress. Ensure /blog/.htaccess is blank, or set the permissions on that file to not writable (CHMOD 444).

Check the notes in the blog addon install.txt


X-Cart and the X-Cart logo are registered trademarks of Qualiteam Software.

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