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X-Cart reBOOT Template

X-Cart reBOOT Template




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X-Cart reBOOT Template v4.7.11

X-Cart reBOOT is a multi-purpose, fully responsive ecommerce template based on the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework of them all, Bootstrap.

Demo Installation Template Settings Additional Product Data Terms & Conditions Purchase

Category Page Product Page Shortcodes Widgets Captions & Animations Audio & Video

Wordpress Blog Image Gallery Testimonials Testimonials Admin

Uploads Manager Glossary Admin Redactor Settings Rich Snippets / Microdata

Useful Responsive Grid Layouts Useful Hover Effects Useful Background Tiles & Images


X-Cart reBOOT is available for X-Cart Classic 4.7.x only.


  • Easy installation, steps minimised as much as possible
  • Fast and fully responsive throughout
  • Flexible layouts easily configured in the settings
  • Dozens of options and variations of layouts
  • Search engine optimised, semantic HTML
  • Rich Snippets / micro formats code included
  • Seamless Wordpress integration
  • Bonus addons including Redactor HTML editors (worth $99)
  • Easy to modify themes
  • Bootswatch themes, ideal for those who would prefer a dark theme
  • Low cost / quick return on investment / free support when you need it
  • Lots of shortcodes and widgets to experiment with
  • Revised fastlane and one page checkouts
  • Well thought out template, 3+ years in development

Themes and Layouts

  • 20 preset themes, based on material design colours
  • 16 Bootswatch themes, dark and light variations
  • Realtime theme previewer
  • Logo image and favicon uploaders
  • Choice of 732 Google fonts for headings
  • Choice of body font stack, all cross-browser friendly
  • Choice of dialog and menu box styles
  • Configurable button colours, add to cart, wishlist, minicart etc.
  • Boxed or fluid (full width) layouts
  • Layout can be one, two or three columns
  • Many choices of header and footer layouts
  • 20 types of footer contents available!


  • 3 types of sidebar category menus, 5 level sliding, 2 level sliding or basic list
  • Manufacturers menu can be a dropdown or list
  • Bestsellers, new arrivals and recently viewed can be carousels or lists
  • Search by price slider
  • Optional sliding account menu


  • Dynamic or custom homepage
  • Countdown timer to an event
  • Bestsellers carousel
  • Featured categories addon, with 3 styles
  • New, on sale and featured products, which can be displayed in tabs, accordions or standard dialogs
  • Welcome message, news message and blog posts which can be in scrollable boxes
  • Manufacturers logo carousel

Homepage Slider

  • Beautiful responsive slider with up to 5 slides and optional eye-catching, animated captions
  • Ability to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos if you wish
  • Image slide uploaders

Header Menu

  • 9 responsive menu types, including dropdown/flyout and mega menus
  • Lots of options, including effects and animations, stickyness etc.
  • Advanced categories addon which allows you to tweak further
  • Simple unordered lists, so making your own custom menu is a breeze

Product Listings

  • Revamped, responsive masonry style layouts, with grid, rows and list views
  • Views can be switched and even sorted by price/stock/name with no page refresh!
  • You can choose which product data you want displayed
  • Product thumbnails can be animated in, 70 different effects
  • Product 'quick views' NEW

Product Pages

  • Display can be configured in many ways, left or right hand side product image
  • Product information can be displayed in tabs (on top if you wish), accordions or standard dialogs
  • Very latest Cloudzoom for image zooming and optional lightbox for detailed images
  • Optional additional product data including banners, file downloads, FAQs, videos and audio!
  • Optional Disqus commenting
  • Improved social count / sharing buttons

Included Addons

  • Responsive lightbox with 10 themes to choose from
  • Optional Google map for contact us page
  • Advanced testimonials addon for customer feedback with easy admin panel
  • Glossary tooltips with easy admin panel
  • Advanced upselling products addon enabling you to add them fast in bulk by category or manufacturer
  • Seamlessly integrate a Wordpress blog in minutes!
  • SEO content panels displaying unobtrusive text of your choice
  • Redactor HTML editors with image/file uploaders and more (worth $99)
  • Easy custom contact forms NEW
  • Password protected static pages NEW


  • Fast, dynamic live search box for products, categories and manufacturers
  • Search by price sliders that can be placed in the sidebar
  • Full screen search widget available

RSS Feeds

  • Valid RSS feeds for latest products and latest news, generated manually or by using a cron job.

Audio & Video

  • Advanced HTML5 players with 5 skins to choose from
  • Responsive videos, which can be YouTube, Vimeo or local MP4/WEBM videos
  • MP3 players which can displayed individually or as a playlist


  • General FAQs page, 5 sections with up to 20 FAQs in each
  • Dynamic image gallery with thumbnails generator
  • Alternative uploads manager for files, images, audio, video etc.
  • 'Must agree to terms & conditions' feature
  • Optional avatars on customer reviews and testimonials
  • Social profile buttons for all the major social networks
  • Social streams for Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
  • AJAX newsletter subscribe


  • HTML minifier (PHP v5.6.x and below only)
  • Structured data markup AKA Rich snippets and microdata included

And much more !

The template comes with the following optional addons...

Advanced Category Menus & Featured Categories

Allows you to use mega menus and dropdown / flyout menus at the same time in your header menu. Menus can also be tweaked further. Allows you to specify featured categories, which can be displayed in various styles, on the homepage, or anywhere else.

Advanced Page Meta

Enables you to update title tags and meta descriptions in bulk in admin. For use with the Clean URLs module only.​

Advanced Testimonials

Allows your customers to post testimonials and displays them on a dedicated page with pagination and per page selector. It also includes an easy to use administration section.

Advanced Upselling Products

Allows you to add upselling products in bulk, from a category or a manufacturer. You can choose how many upselling products to display and they can be random or not. The standard upselling products module will still function alongside this addon.

Device Detect

Informs you which kind of device your customers ordered with - Mobile, Tablet or Desktop. You can also display specific content in the store according to which device type the customer is using.

Easy Custom Contact Forms

Generate custom forms with ease, with automated email sending. No PHP skills required.

Manufacturers A-Z

Splits manufacturers listing pages into A-Z. Handy if you have hundreds of manufacturers.

Password Protected Static Pages

Simple password protection for static pages of your choice.

Product Additional Data

This displays extra product data on the product pages.

  • Product Banners - up to 3 rotating banners to alert customers of promotions or important information.
  • Product FAQs - up to 10 questions and answers
  • Product Downloads - up to 5 files with optional descriptions
  • Product Videos - up to 5 videos, either YouTube, Vimeo or local video files (MP4 & WEBM formats)
  • Product Audio - up to 20 tracks (MP3 format). Can be displayed individually or in a playlist

The data can be made common for multiple products if you wish.

Redactor HTML Editors (worth $99)

Advanced HTML editors with image and file uploaders, CDN support and more.

SEO Content Panels

Adds unobtrusive text of your choice to the footer of the homepage, category and manufacturer pages. Optional scrollable content box.

Wordpress Blog Integration

Seamlessly integrates Wordpress into the store.

These FAQs pertain to reBOOT v4.7.x. Please contact us with any questions.

Is this template encoded, or does it require an Ioncube loader?

No, it's entirely open source.

Can I use it on multiple stores?

You can, but as per the template terms & conditions, you must purchase one licence per store.

Is there a trial available?

Due to the template being fully open source, no, sorry.

Is the reBOOT template available for X-Cart v5.x?

reBOOT is available for X-Cart Classic v4.7.x only. v5.x has an entirely different code and template architecture. We have no plans to convert to X-Cart 5.x at this time. X-Cart v4.x Classic is still a very capable platform to base a store on, is easy to modify and will be supported for many years to come.

Is the reBOOT template compatible with X module?

You can install any third party module with reBOOT, but being a custom template, you may need to adjust the installation.

Smarty code that is to be modified or replaced may slightly differ to what is in the third party module installation document.

If you are not confident with installing X-Cart modules, you can hire us or other professional to perform the installation for you.

Why is my store, or a specific store page blank?

A blank page could be caused by...

  • The SQL patches may not have been applied correctly
  • Invalid Smarty and / or PHP code somewhere
  • Missing Smarty and / or PHP files
  • Outdated Smarty templates that are not Smarty v3 syntax compatible
  • You are not using at least PHP version 5.3
  • Incompatible third party module(s)

In the first instance, check the latest PHP logs in /var/log which should help you track down the issue.

You can also audit your Smarty templates by running Tools > Maintenance > "Check the syntax of all templates"

See here for more info about Smarty v3 in X-Cart.

Why does my store fail the Google mobile friendliness tool?

Ensure reBOOT Settings > Misc > "Allow zoom / pinch on mobile devices" is unchecked. Then try the tool again.

How do I upgrade from an earlier version of the template?

Move the previous skin/reboot folder to /skin_backup then proceed with the installation as usual.

Any previous template modifications / template setting changes will need to be re-applied.

Can I upgrade reBOOT and keep my design changes?

No, you'll need to re-apply your design changes. We don't provide diff patches for upgrades, but recommend using a file comparison tool, such as Beyond Compare or KDIFF.

Which Bootstrap version does reBOOT use?

Currently Bootstrap v3.3.7. We will not be upgrading the template to Bootstrap v4.

If you need Bootstrap 4, try our Ultra Template.

How do I modify the theme?

Theme CSS files reside in skin/reboot/css/themes

Bootswatch CSS files reside in skin/reboot/css/bootswatch (modify the minified versions)

There are some background tile images available to use in skin/reboot/images/backgrounds

Also see the reBOOT settings > 'Theme' and 'Layout' options.

How do I modify the homepage content?

You can do so in the following ways...

  1. In admin, click the 'Welcome Message' link to modify the welcome message HTML.
  2. Go to the reBOOT settings > 'Homepage' and enable / disable the features.
  3. Edit the contents of skin/reboot/custom/home/home.tpl to re-order the contents
  4. Or, edit the contents of skin/reboot/custom/home/home_custom.tpl if using a custom homepage

How do I modify the sidebar content?

skin/reboot/customer/bar.tpl (2 column layout)
skin/reboot/customer/bar_left.tpl (3 column layout, left sidebar)
skin/reboot/customer/bar_right.tpl (3 column layout, right sidebar)

How do insert a custom menu box to the sidebar?

In one of the templates listed in the above FAQ, add code like this...

{capture name=menu}
{include file="customer/menu_dialog.tpl" title="BOX TITLE" content=$smarty.capture.menu icon="fa fa-star"}

Or, in the reBOOT settings, see Sidebar > 'Enable promotions menu box'.

Then in Admin > Content > Languages, search for, lbl_reboot_promotions_title and lbl_reboot_promotions_content

How do I modify the product page templates?

The templates for product pages are slightly different to the usual, so that we can re-arrange content easier, and are as follows...


The product page has various layout styles, which can be tweaked in the reBOOT settings > 'Product'.

How can I rearrange or add content to the product accordions / dialogs / tabs?

Modify one of the following templates...


How can I enable lazy loading on the homepage slider?

Edit line 27 of skin/reboot/js/custom/jquery.slick.init.js (change to 'ondemand').

lazyLoad: 'progressive', // 'ondemand' or 'progressive'

We recommend your slider images filesizes are as small as possible. Use compressed JPEGs, not PNGs.

How can I adjust the homepage slider autoplay speed?

Edit line 32 of skin/reboot/js/custom/jquery.slick.init.js

autoplaySpeed: 10000,

How can I disable lazy loading completely?

Not advisable, as lazy loading speeds up the store, saves bandwidth and server requests!

But you can do so by editing skin/reboot/js/custom/reboot.js

forceLoad: false, // Disable Lazy Loading by setting to true

For disabling lazy loading on specific images, you can replace...

src="{$ImagesDir}/spacer.gif" data-src="

With just...


How can I change the menu and dialog box colours?

You can change them in the reBOOT settings > 'Theme'

Or to tweak further, example CSS... (add to your skin/reboot/css/themes/xx.css file)

.panel-default > .panel-heading {
	background: #000 !important;
	background: linear-gradient(#666,#000) !important;
	background: -webkit-linear-gradient(#666,#000) !important;
	border-color: #ddd !important;
	color: #fff !important;
	border-bottom: none;

Which templates do I edit for the footer contents?

  • Blog Posts - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_BP.tpl
  • Bestsellers - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_BS.tpl
  • Company Logo & Address - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_CA.tpl
  • Contact Details - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_CD.tpl
  • Custom Links - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_CL.tpl
  • Custom Text - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_CT.tpl
  • Facebook Page - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_FB.tpl
  • Flickr Feed - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_FF.tpl
  • Instagram Feed - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_IF.tpl
  • Icon Links - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_IL.tpl
  • Latest News - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_LN.tpl
  • Latest Tweets - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_LT.tpl
  • New Arrivals - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_NA.tpl
  • Newsletter Subscribe - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_NS.tpl
  • Pinterest Feed - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_PF.tpl
  • Recently Viewed - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_RV.tpl
  • Speed Bar - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_SB.tpl
  • Static Pages - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_SP.tpl
  • Testimonials Rotator - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_TR.tpl
  • YouTube Feed - skin/reboot/custom/footer/footer_content_YF.tpl

Why does the Wordpress blog appear strange / broken?

This may happen after changing settings in Wordpress. Ensure /blog/.htaccess is blank, or set the permissions on that file to not writable (CHMOD 444).

Check the notes in the blog addon install.txt

How do I setup scheduled cron jobs for news and product RSS feeds?

To generate every 24 hours (at midnight), add jobs like this... Info

0 0 * * * /server/path/reboot_rss_news.php
0 0 * * * /server/path/reboot_rss_products.php

For further information, contact your hosting provider.

How can I embed videos / audio?

See this demo page for shortcodes. You can easily add product videos / audio with the 'Product Additional Data' addon.

How do I make an image responsive?



...to the image will make it stretch 100% of its container width.


class="img-responsive img-center"

...will also center the image.

How can I set the default product listings view to a different view?

The default is Grid. Edit skin/reboot/js/custom/reboot_products.js and change this line...

setGrid(); // USAGE: setGrid(); or setRows(); or setList();

The cookie for the layout is 'products_layout', so delete that cookie also.

You can also disable the view switcher buttons in the reBOOT settings > 'Products'.

How can I adjust the columns per row in grid view on product listings?

Edit skin/reboot/js/custom/reboot_products.js and carefully change this line...

$('.products-container .item').removeClass('col-xs-12 col-sm-6 col-md-4 col-lg-4 col-lg-12 grid-view rows-view list-view').addClass('col-xs-12 col-sm-6 col-md-4 col-lg-4 grid-view');

How can I change the footer payment logos?

Edit skin/reboot/custom/payment_logos.tpl

How can I restrict content to logged in customers only?

With simple Smarty code...

{if $login eq ""}
Please Login to View this Content
The Content

Does the template support the Infinite Scroll module?

No, we believe infinite scroll is inappropriate for ecommerce stores. Standard pagination is far better for SEO. Info.

Does the template support the Refine Filters module?

Yes, we have tested and tweaked the Refine Filters module with reBOOT.

How do I detect the homepage in Smarty?

{if $homepage}
Show this content

Why do my RSS feeds not display in my browser?

Each browser renders RSS differently. Firefox renders them well. For Chrome, you'll need to install an RSS feed reader.

Also, your RSS feed may not be valid, due to invalid HTML code. Click here to validate.

How can I hide elements according to screen width?

You can use the Bootstrap responsive utility classes...


You can also use them in combination...

class="hidden-xs hidden-sm"

How can I remove the default testimonials?

Either delete them using the testimonials manager, or use the following SQL patch...

TRUNCATE TABLE `reboot_testimonials`;

How can I omit out of stock products from the header dynamic search results dropdown?

In /reboot_dynamic_search_queries.php replace line 24...

WHERE p.`forsale` != 'N' AND p.`forsale` != 'H' AND product like '%".$_GET["q"]."%'


WHERE p.`forsale` != 'N' AND p.`forsale` != 'H' AND p.`avail` != '0' AND product like '%".$_GET["q"]."%'

Can the image gallery be customised?

Yes, edit the settings in skin/reboot/custom/widgets/widget_image_gallery.tpl

How can I get and display random gallery images?

See this post.

Why are my product detailed images thumbnails huge?

Go to Admin > Tools > Maintenance and click 'Re-generate the image cache'.

Why is the register and/or checkout page cut off?

Ensure you have set a 'terms and conditions' page in reBOOT settings > Misc.

How can I increase the maximum image/file upload limit?

Check / increase the 'post_max_size' and 'upload_max_filesize' limits in your server php.ini file / hosting control panel. Or consult with your hosting provider.

Why are the category menus not displaying categories?

Ensure Admin > Modules > Flyout Menus > 'Cache the menu' is unchecked.

How can I display a dynamic lightbox on a specific product?

In skin/reboot/customer/home.tpl, before </body> insert... (change the product ID value)

{if $main eq "product" && $product.productid eq "123"}
$(document).ready(function() {
	var product_offer = $("<div class='center'><h2 class='text-success'>Title</h2><p>Subtitle</p><p class='text-warning'><small>Footer</small></p></div>");
	$.lightbox(product_offer, {
		width: 320,
		height: 150,
		modal: false,

How do I include Unique Product Identifiers (GTIN/UPC etc.) in the Google Shopping product feed?

By adding new product 'extra' fields. See here for details.

Here is the list of unique product identifiers that can be added to your Google Shopping product feed using Extra Fields:

gtin / mpn / upc / ean / jan / isbn

Why am I getting strange vertical gaps in my template layout?

It could be due to 'byte order marks' in some template files.

Download this file. Upload utf8_bom_fix.php to your store root, then run in your browser. Delete the file after.

10th May 2019 - v4.7.11 (X-Cart v4.7.11)

  • Updated for X-Cart v4.7.11
  • reCAPTCHA mod included and Smarty code pre-added
  • New lightgallery lightbox plugin for images and videos to replace old lightbox (due to new jQuery version)
  • Cloudzoom CSS not 100% working, possibly due to new jQuery version, will eventually be fixed
  • Slick carousel JS code updated
  • Tested with Wordpress 5.2
  • Mobile_Detect.php updated
  • Minor tweaks and improvements

14th February 2019 - v4.7.10 (X-Cart v4.7.10)

  • skin/reboot/js/bootstrap/bootstrap.min.js updated to v3.4.1 to patch XSS vulnerability

26th January 2019 - v4.7.10 (X-Cart v4.7.10)

  • Updated for X-Cart v4.7.10
  • Bootstrap and Bootswatch themes updated to v3.4.0 v3.4.1 (as of 14th February 2019, only bootstrap.min.js updated)
  • Blog addon tested with Wordpress v5.0.3
  • HTML minifier tweaked to ignore JS
  • Improved uploads manager

13th February 2018 - v4.7.9 (X-Cart v4.7.9)

  • Updated for X-Cart v4.7.9
  • New social sharing buttons, with share counts (Donreach removed)
  • Newsletter 'double email' sendout issue fixed
  • Video widgets updated, new playlist player mod
  • Footer Instagram Feed / Pinterest Feed / Latest Tweets no longer supported
  • HTML minifier is back

26th June 2017 - v4.7.8 (X-Cart v4.7.8)

  • Updated for X-Cart v4.7.8
  • Blog addon tested with Wordpress v4.7.8

31st January 2017 - v4.7.7 (X-Cart v4.7.7)

  • Updated for X-Cart v4.7.7
  • Blog addon tested with Wordpress v4.7.2
  • Smarty code can now be added to the blog sidebar
  • Minor tweaks and improvements

9th October 2016 - v4.7.6.3 (X-Cart v4.7.6)

  • Now supports PHP v7.0.x

7th September 2016 - v4.7.6.2 (X-Cart v4.7.6)

  • Fixes to product page / product notication module (skin/reboot/customer/main/product_details_order.tpl)
  • Products 'Dynamic Search' SQL tweaked (reboot_dynamic_search_queries.php)
  • 'Minimum Advertised Price' addon removed
  • Multi-currency prices display on products pages fixed
  • Checkouts now display product options at final steps
  • Wordpress v4.6.1 included
  • Instagram feed code updated due to API changes (now requires access token)
  • Minor tweaks and improvements

26th July 2016 - v4.7.6.1 (X-Cart v4.7.6)

  • Bootstrap/Bootswatch Themes updated to v3.3.7
  • 'Password Protected Static Pages' addon included
  • Mobile_Detect.php updated to v2.8.22
  • Products 'Dynamic Search' addon now displays product prices and searches after 2 characters minimum typed
  • Wordpress v4.6 'Pepper' included

27th June 2016 - v4.7.6 (X-Cart v4.7.6)

  • Updated for X-Cart v4.7.6
  • Tweaks to jqueryui dialogs
  • Wordpress updated to v4.5.3

27th June 2016 - v4.7.5.1 (X-Cart v4.7.5)

  • Updated for X-Cart v4.7.6
  • Tweaks to jqueryui dialogs
  • Wordpress updated to v4.5.3

12th April 2016 - v4.7.5.1 (X-Cart v4.7.5)

  • Products 'Quick View' feature added
  • Products live sort by 'rating' option added
  • Easy Custom Contact Forms addon included free
  • Product additional data addon now includes convenient file uploaders
  • Glossary admin now includes easier admin panel
  • Glossary addon now uses Bootstrap popovers instead of tooltips
  • Products MAP pricing addon included (can display MAP price or message)
  • Alternate lazy loaded sharing buttons included (TW/FB/G+/PIN)
  • Latest blog posts can now be from a specific blog category only
  • Latest blog posts now displays category breadcrumb
  • Manufacturers A-Z addon included
  • Homepage slider can now be parallax and slider videos now display in lightboxes
  • Font Awesome updated to v4.6.3
  • YouTube API key updated
  • reBOOT check file now detects if GZIP compression is enabled
  • Minor tweaks and improvements

19th February 2016 - v4.7.5 (X-Cart v4.7.5)

  • Updated for X-Cart v4.7.5
  • Minor tweaks and improvements

27th November 2015 - v4.7.4.1 (X-Cart v4.7.4)

  • Bootstrap and Bootswatch themes updated to v3.3.6
  • Font Awesome updated to v4.5.0
  • Checkout 'Must agree to conditions' issue fixed
  • Header 'dropdown combo' menu tweaked, manufacturers now a mega menu
  • Custom body background (tiled or large image) can now be uploaded and set from the template settings
  • Social sharing widget increased to 20 sites
  • Social share buttons added to gallery images
  • Datepicker for testimonials admin added
  • Optional testimonials header statistics added
  • Responsive video playlist widget added
  • Default currency code field added to template settings, for rich snippets
  • Product tags addon code improved
  • Wordpress 'Latest Posts' widget now uses proper slugs and displays featured images
  • Wordpress updated to v4.4.2
  • Products 'live sort' buttons changed to a dropdown and sort by 'add date' added
  • Home countdown date entry made easier
  • Product Configurator module tweaked
  • Sidebar Google translate widget added
  • RSS product feeds now support Clean Urls and fully validate
  • Minor tweaks and improvements

30th October 2015 - v4.7.4 (X-Cart v4.7.4)

  • Tested with X-Cart v4.7.4
  • 2 Level sliding menu cookie function fixed
  • Product counters added to sidebar category menus
  • The header responsive menus now activate at 991px
  • Product 'tags' feature added, which utilises the 'search keywords' product field
  • 'Reset' buttons added to template slider settings
  • Rich snippets code improved
  • HTML tags are now stripped from all FAQ questions
  • Google fonts updated to 732
  • Filterable portfolio widget added
  • Footer AJAX newsletter subscribe widget added
  • Advanced Page Meta addon included
  • RSS products feed thumbnail image URLs now absolute
  • 403 errors template tweaked
  • Minor tweaks and improvements

10th August 2015 - v4.7.3 (X-Cart v4.7.3)

  • More or less totally rewritten and now fully open source
  • Installation steps reduced to a minimum, including addons
  • Additional language labels now in a separate SQL patch
  • Valid HTML5 code throughout (where possible)
  • Improved search engine optimisation, semantic code
  • Rich snippets / micro formats code included
  • Bootstrap updated to v3.3.5, Font Awesome updated to v4.4.0
  • 20 themes based on material design colours, fewer lines of CSS to modify
  • 16 Bootswatch themes, with dark or light colour schemes
  • Revised template settings page appearance, plus favicon uploader
  • 725 Google fonts available for headings
  • Improved theme previewer
  • Dynamic or custom homepage option
  • New slider / carousel code
  • Improved homepage slider, with optional animated captions and ability to embed videos
  • Improved lazy loading, iframes can now be lazy loaded
  • Improved minicart which can now display total items / cost
  • Improved product listings display, with grid, row and list displays
  • Ability to instantly sort product listings by price, stock and name
  • Added 3 styles of dialogs, 3 styles of menu boxes
  • New 2 level sliding sidebar category menu
  • New search by price sliders
  • Improved product page display, now more flexible
  • New additional product data addon - banners, downloads, faqs, audio and video
  • New HTML5 audio and video players (MP3/MP4/WEBM supported) with 5 skins, light and dark
  • Advanced upselling products addon included
  • New captions and animations code
  • Social streams for Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
  • Off-canvas sidebars menus, full screen search and various other new widgets
  • New Google maps shortcode that does not require map coordinates
  • More choices of footer contents (20 in total)
  • Glossary tooltips addon integrated
  • Revised uploads manager
  • Improved testimonials addon
  • One page and fastlane checkouts revised
  • Latest Wordpress v4.3 included
  • Redactor updated to latest version
  • Socialize module support dropped - alternative product social sharing buttons included
  • X-Magnify support dropped
  • And much more...

The template comes with the following optional addons...

  • Advanced Category Menus & Featured Categories
  • Advanced Testimonials
  • Advanced Upselling Products
  • Device Detect
  • Product Additional Data
  • Redactor HTML Editors (worth $99)
  • SEO Content Panels
  • Wordpress Blog Integration

Note the version changes from this point...

1st July 2015 - v3.52 (X-Cart v4.7.3)

  • Tested with X-Cart v4.7.3
  • Bootstrap updated to v3.3.5
  • Quantity input spinners removed (issue with variant stock levels)
  • Dynamic search addon improved, better search results
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

29th April 2015 - v3.51 (X-Cart v4.7.2)

  • Tested with X-Cart v4.7.2

7th April 2015 - v3.50 (X-Cart v4.7.1) (v4.7.0 beta skipped)

  • Bootstrap updated to v3.3.4
  • Product videos admin-side improved, and now only a choice to display videos as lightboxes or iframes
  • New product video view and video schema added (for YouTube videos)
  • Product FAQs addon included as standard (requires fewer install steps)
  • Animated counters / progress meters now only animate once they appear in the viewport
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

9th February 2015 - v3.41 (X-Cart v4.6.6)

  • Bootstrap updated to v3.3.2
  • Font Awesome updated to v4.3.0
  • 'MENU' label added to header responsive menus
  • Header menu button size can now be defined
  • Expand / Collapse buttons added to FAQ sections
  • New option to specify number of blog posts displayed on homepage
  • Product videos can be lightboxes / iframes or the customer can choose
  • Pretty checkboxes / radios shortcodes added
  • Dropcaps shortcodes added
  • Twitter feed code updated
  • Redactor HTML editors updated to v10.0.7
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

7th January 2015 - v3.4 (X-Cart v4.6.6)

  • Homepage slider images are now lazy loaded
  • Google Rich Snippets codes for products added
  • reboot_compressor.php renamed to reboot_html_minifier.php
  • Slight fix for testimonials avatars, long testimonials can be truncated
  • New setting to choose admin header background colour
  • New setting to add a version to the favicon(s)
  • jQuery updated to v1.11.2
  • Font Awesome can be loaded from MaxCDN
  • Redactor HTML editors updated to v10.0.6
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

29th November 2014 - v3.3 (X-Cart v4.6.6)

  • Updated for X-Cart v4.6.6 Gold / Gold Plus / Platinum
  • New 'Device Detect' addon included
  • New settings to choose add to cart / added to cart / wishlist button colours
  • Admin header logo fixed to always show company logo
  • Bootstrap modals are now always centered
  • Redactor HTML editors updated to v10.0.5
  • Minor tweaks to the Testimonials addon
  • Step to restrict debugging console to IP address removed
  • New 'Full Width' preview mode in theme previewer
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

23rd October 2014 - v3.2 (X-Cart v4.6.5)

  • Updated for X-Cart v4.6.5 Gold / Gold Plus / Platinum
  • Bootstrap updated to v3.3.1
  • New 'progess circles' and 'detect mobile device' widgets added
  • Homepage 'welcome' message can be placed in a scrollable box
  • New sidebar 'promotions' box option added
  • Gravitar icons added to the Testimonials addon
  • Minor improvements

8th October 2014 - v3.1 (X-Cart v4.6.4)

  • New 'masonry' style product grid layouts
  • New top header layout with tabs
  • New option for subcategory block heights added
  • FAQs can be collapsed or open by default
  • New option to remove footer credit link
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

1st September 2014 - v3.0 (X-Cart v4.6.4)

  • Many performance improvements
  • New layout code with boxed or wide layouts
  • 'Custom' theme colour pickers removed - moved to separate theme CSS files
  • jQuery v1.11.1 / Bootstrap v3.2.0 / Font Awesome v4.2.0
  • New responsive menu system
  • New carousel code
  • Ajax minicart improved
  • New 'widgets' introduced
  • Homepage featured categories addon included
  • Product videos addon included
  • Wordpress Blog addon included
  • Testimonials addon included
  • Redactor HTML editors included (OEM licence)
  • Many more subtle changes, improvements and bugfixes

20th May 2014 - v2.33 (X-Cart v4.6.3)

  • Various minor template / CSS tweaks
  • jQuery set to v1.8.3 by default
  • When using Clean URLs, clicking on a tab now keeps the URL slug.
  • Logo added to news / products RSS feeds
  • Gallery thumbnail maker tool moved to /admin
  • Printable pages images fixed, for when Clean URLs enabled
  • Disqus commenting feature for product pages added
  • Font Awesome updated to v4.1.0
  • Mobile menu can be positioned to top of page or to a specific container class
  • Product added to cart audio alert (optional)
  • Accordion menus tweaked a little
  • Homepage slider images lazy loading made optional
  • Google fonts updated to 663

6th Mar 2014 - v2.32 (X-Cart v4.6.3)

  • Tested with X-Cart v4.6.3 (no changes required so far)

5th Feb 2014 - v2.31 (X-Cart v4.6.2)

  • Various minor template / CSS tweaks
  • Dynamic product search IE issue fixed
  • Responsive email templates included
  • Testimonials addon ratings script updated
  • fCommerce Go 'add to cart' button fixed
  • Instagram social icon added
  • Themes CSS updated

30th Jan 2014 - v2.3 (X-Cart v4.6.1)

  • Various minor template tweaks
  • Cloudzoom updated / improved
  • 2 more payment icons added (Visa & MasterCard)
  • New mega menu option to limit the number of third level categories displayed
  • New option to disable zooming on mobile devices
  • Printable pages reintroduced (catalog/product/static pages)
  • Bootstrap updated to v3.1.0

11th Dec 2013 - v2.2 (X-Cart v4.6.1)

  • Various minor template tweaks
  • Bootstrap updated to v3.0.3
  • Header and footer 'full width' display is now optional
  • Shadow effect on main content container is now optional
  • New option to choose between short or full descriptions on products listings
  • New product page display option, with tabs on top
  • New custom side panel addon added
  • New audio player script added
  • Fix for the Banners Module
  • Vimeo social profile added
  • Google fonts updated to 657

26th Nov 2013 - v2.1 (X-Cart v4.6.1)

  • Various minor template tweaks
  • Header mega menus improved, manufacturers menu added
  • Tabs / accordions improved, can now link directly to a specific tab / accordion, tab persistence
  • Logo / theme / slides image uploader scripts moved to /admin
  • Socialize module re-added, Facebook comments box made responsive
  • Infinite Scroll module support improved
  • Refine Filters module code updated to latest version
  • Payment logos modified / increased to 50
  • 2 additional minicart icons
  • Additional favicons for various platforms / devices added
  • Script included to auto-generate gallery folder thumbnails

9th Nov 2013 - v2.0 (X-Cart v4.6.1)

  • Built on X-Cart v4.6.1 Platinum (compatible with Gold and Gold Plus also)
  • Bootstrap 3 and Font Awesome 4 (both are now loaded from the CDN)
  • Optimised for more speed and better SEO
  • Improved cross-browser support
  • Improved HTML and inline JS/CSS compressor
  • Improved image lazy loading
  • Improved responsiveness throughout
  • Improved column layouts content ordering (SEO)
  • Improved and re-arranged template settings page - more user friendly
  • Improved custom theme options, more control over layout colours, buttons etc.
  • Improved category menus, more options, new 5 level sliding menu, 3 level mega menu built in
  • Improved category menus for tablets/mobiles
  • Improved homepage settings
  • Increased homepage slider from 5 to 10 images
  • Improved responsive image sliders/carousels with touch/mouse drag capability, CSS3 transitions and lazy loading
  • Improved responsive horizontal/vertical tabs and accordions
  • Improved added to cart popup
  • Homepage countdown alert feature added
  • Customer account menu moved to the sidebar
  • Customer account section revised
  • Two types of menu/dialog - boxed or underlined
  • Ability to use any font stack throughout the store
  • New page load progress indicator
  • New dynamic, responsive gallery addon built in
  • New responsive video playlist addon
  • Increased social networking profiles
  • Hundreds of tweaks / fixes, too many to list
  • Refine Filters module support
  • Infinite Scroll module support

20th Sept 2013 - v1.21 (X-Cart v4.6.x)

  • Tested with X-Cart v4.6.1

13th Aug 2013 - v1.04 (X-Cart v4.5.x) / v1.21 (X-Cart v4.6.x)

  • Minor template fixes
  • Pinterest social profile / icon added
  • Thumbnail tooltips added to next/previous product links
  • 'View All' option added to 'products per page' dropdown menu
  • Advanced customer reviews fix for product tabs/accordions
  • New option to have a 'basic' non-sliding sidebar category menu
  • 'Search by price' template added
  • Windows 8 (mobile) fix added

14th June 2013 - v1.03 (X-Cart v4.5.x) / v1.2 (X-Cart v4.6.x)

  • Minor template changes
  • Floating cart now updates without page refresh
  • Correct product counts in category menus
  • Font Awesome updated to v3.2.1 and served by BootstrapCDN - 361 icons available
  • YouTube social profile / icon added
  • Google fonts increased to 651
  • Twitter feed updated to support the new API v1.1

3rd June 2013 - v1.1 (X-Cart v4.6.0)

  • Tested with X-Cart v4.6.0 (ongoing, as bugs are expected early on)
  • 3 Column layouts option added

2nd May 2013 - v1.02 (X-Cart v4.5.5)

  • Added/updated languages moved to separate patch file
  • Multi-Currency module currency selector built into header account menu
  • Source code ordering adjusted for 2 column, left menu layouts
  • Mailchimp news subscription forms fixed
  • 'Add to Cart' buttons added to product page upselling/recommended products
  • Ability to hide homepage welcome message
  • Cloudzoom for product variants (experimental)
  • Ability to view local MP4/FLV videos in a lightbox
  • RSS feeds made valid
  • Refine Filters module tested
  • X-Payments tested (with PayPal Pro)
  • Improved colour themes

19th April 2013 - v1.01 (X-Cart v4.5.5)

  • Various minor CSS/template tweaks and fixes
  • Product social sharing buttons use Socialize.js
  • Facebook fan widget option added to footer
  • Bestsellers/New/On Sale product sliders can be disabled in 1 column layouts
  • 'Added to Cart' button colour issue fixed
  • Dynamic search no longer displays disabled products (reboot_dynamic_search_queries.php)
  • New customer feedback form lightbox addon included
  • Example code for various elements included in /misc/elements folder
  • 70+ transparent background tile images included

10th April 2013 - Initial Release v1.0

reBOOT is used by hundreds of stores around the World. Below is a user-submitted list of live stores.

Under no circumstances place any test orders.

The Meteorite Exchange, Inc. Feel free to browse our meteorite store and ask any questions, but please don't place any test orders. Thank you!
Super Inks Supplier of printer consumables, with free delivery in the UK.
Newcastle Flowers North UK based seller of flowers for all occasions.
Saturn Sales & Services Nurse Call Systems, Intercall Nursecall, Dementia, Staff Attack Solutions.
U.S. Candle Company Browse our candle shop as much as you like but NO TEST ORDERS please. Feel free to ask us questions if you like.
eRCMarket European one stop store dedicated and specialized in Radio Control Helicopters and Drones.
The Debug Store UK-based distributor of electronic test equipment and embedded systems development tools. Free UK and EU shipping.
WarGameStore UK retailer of Warhammer, Warmachine, Malifaux and Infinity models.
Baby Showers By Mail Great gifts for new moms and families. Buy as a gift and baby needs shipped every month just when needed.
Liapela Modern Baby Modern Baby Products, Strollers, Car Seats, Cribs, High Chairs, Nursery, Toys.
Safemate (UK) Ltd. Safemate is a mobile personal alarm with GPS tracking and GSM.
Pantano Power Equipment A US based outdoor power equipment and parts dealer.
Nassau Hobby Center A US Based Full Service Hobby Shop Specializong in Trains, RC, Models, Slot Cars & Rockets.
Pure Image Signs Signwriting, vehicle graphics and Printing.
Modelbouwshopper Marum Specialists in Radio Controlled Cars, Helicopter, Airplane/Glider, Boats and Drones.
Trendy Kid Kids luggage for kids to tweens - Travel Buddies and Travel Kool luggage.
All Around Consignments New and pre-owned clothing, accessories, home goods, furniture, sporting good, tools and more.
Cape Cod Weather Vane Company Hand Crafted Copper Weathervanes & More.
KJ Beauty Store A US based retailer of all Hair & Beauty products. Please No Test Orders! Thanks.
World of Omega Premier US Based Retailer of top name brand vitamins, supplements and Omega Oils.
George Perry Ltd. The UK's oldest supplier of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables.
Magic World Learn Magic Tricks from the UKs No.1 Magic Shop based in Manchester. We sell playing cards, card tricks, mindreading, mentalism, and magic sets.
Shoes2u Australian online shoe retailer.
Designs By Seed Unique gift ideas, homewares, wedding gifts, jewellery and contemporary art from UK designers and craftsmen. Based in Frome, Somerset.
Tea With Grace China, tea, linens, bakeware, and ideas to help you host a lovely tea.
iSexy Redpoints Gift Mall A Worldwide Rewards Program For Everyone & Every Business! How Do You Collect iSexy Redpoints? What Free Gift Will You Receive?
Bali Homewares Hand selected Balinese Homewares direct from Bali to your door.

reBOOT Gumroad Affiliate Scheme

Affiliate Scheme

Promote or recommend the X-Cart reBOOT 'unlimited domain' licence and you can earn up to 25% of each sale at $399.

Only a Gumroad account is required. Simply contact us with your Gumroad account email address.

We'll send you a unique link to share with your audience. You'll then earn a commission on each sale you refer.

As long as a customer purchases within 30 days of visiting your link, you will get credit for the sale.

Payments are deposited to your Gumroad account and paid out every other Friday.

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