X-Cart Twitter Posts

X-Cart Twitter Posts

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  • If you Tweet a lot, this is an easy way to display your Twitter posts in your store
  • Can be displayed in a menu or dialog box
  • You can define the number of recent tweets to display
  • Uses jQuery


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X-Cart WYMeditor HTML Editor

X-Cart WYMeditor HTML Editor

  • Easy to use, lightweight, XHTML friendly editor, generates W3C compliant code.
  • Shows a visual ‘block’ layout of your code.
  • A good alternative to FCKEditor or the default X-Cart HTML editor.
  • 01/01/08 - Update: FCKEditor is now W3C compliant, so probably the better choice.
X-Cart QuickFind

X-Cart QuickFind

  • Allows your customers to quickly search, sort and filter your store by various fields.
  • Directly add products to the cart.
  • Ideal for small-medium sized stores (less than 1000 products).
  • Thumbnails and other fields can be disabled to speed up display.
  • Useful just for internal use, find products fast if you get telephone queries etc.
  • jQuery based.

10th November 2010 - Now superceded by this mod.

X-Cart VIP Area

X-Cart VIP Area

  • Create an area of your store for ‘VIP’ members only.
  • Only VIP members can view certain pages of information.
  • Supply your VIP customers with additional store benefits.
  • Works great with the X-Cart ‘Special Offers’ module.