X-Cart SEO Character Limiters

X-Cart SEO Character Limiters

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Just a simple, free mod for adding character limiters to SEO title and meta description textareas (Clean URLs module)...

  • For the 'Clean URLs' module
  • For title and meta description textarea fields
  • Products / Category / Manufacturers / Static Pages
  • Helps you maintain the ideal maximum lengths for titles and meta descriptions

Works for Product / Category / Manufacturer / Static Pages.

v4.6.x +

: *
: *
: *
Type the characters you see in the picture:

X-Cart Support System

X-Cart Support System

  • Fully featured support system from hesk.com
  • Knowledge base included, with ratings system
  • Up to 20 custom form fields
  • Tons of features
  • Used on this store, just click on the support link above
  • 8th April 2012 - Updated for X-Cart v4.4.x and Hesk v2.3
  • 9th Feb 2013 - Updated for X-Cart v4.5.x and Hesk v2.4.2
  • 7th Feb 2014 - Updated for X-Cart v4.6.x and Hesk v2.5.2

Please note, Hesk is not free to use on commercial sites - Purchase a license

X-Cart Knowledge Base

X-Cart Knowledge Base

  • Advanced knowledge base / glossary / support ticket system.
  • Fully searchable, categories, RSS feeds, rating system, file uploads.
  • Most viewed, recent articles, email to friend, comments.
  • Plus much more... 
X-Cart Gift Card Message

X-Cart Gift Card Message

  • Enables the customer to insert a gift card message with their order at checkout
  • Provides a gift card preview, with message character limiter
  • Creates a new gift card order field, which is viewable on the invoice and order details
  • Works for standard checkout and 'Fast Lane Checkout'
  • v4.1.x only at the moment