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X-Cart Mods

X-Cart Mods

X-Cart modules, mods, addons, or whatever you want to call them. Useful modifications to enhance your XCart store.


X-Cart Responsive Audio Player

X-Cart Responsive Audio Player

  • Responsive HTML5 product audio player
  • With playlist, shuffle, loop, seek bar, volume etc.
  • Up to 20 MP3 audio files per product
  • Displays players on product listing pages and product pages
X-Cart Responsive Featured Products Carousels

X-Cart Responsive Featured Products Carousels

  • Responsive featured product carousels
  • Three display modes, two 3D and one 2D
  • Touch enabled
  • Optional autoplay
  • Optional mouse wheel control
  • Optional shadows and reflections
  • Customisable according to your product thumbnail size
  • We recommend that your product thumbnails are of equal size
  • v4.6.x - v4.7.x
X-Cart RSS Feeds Generators

X-Cart RSS Feeds Generators

  • Quick and easy way to stay in touch with your customers via RSS feeds
  • Promote your feeds to RSS aggregators and get more traffic!
  • Generates latest news and latest products RSS feeds
  • Configurable in admin
  • Set title and descriptions of feeds
  • Choose maximum number of entries to display
  • Use product short or detailed descriptions
  • Set product thumbnail width
  • Set feed language and encoding type
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with v4.4.x - v4.7.x
X-Cart Shop Closed Replacement - Holding or Under Construction Page

X-Cart Shop Closed Replacement - Holding or Under Construction Page

  • Ideal replacement for the default 'shop_closed.html' page and saves you having to design your own
  • Enables you to keep your customers informed while you are building your store
  • Dynamic 'countdown to launch' and progress bar with 12 colours to choose from, easy to configure
  • Animated content slider that accepts HTML, images, even YouTube videos, unlimited slides with vertically scrolling content!
  • Easy to install, easy to customise, just HTML and CSS
  • Ajax 'signup to be notified' form with validation and no page refresh, stores emails in your X-Cart database, weeds out invalid and duplicate emails
  • Social networking buttons with tooltips
  • Closing your existing store is not recommended for SEO reasons, but sometimes it is necessary!
  • Cross browser compatible - IE 7-9 (fallback code for IE6) / Firefox / Chrome / Opera / Safari etc.
  • Clean valid code, SEO friendly
  • Jan 9th 2012 - Updated to store emails in the xcart newsletter database table
X-Cart Social Bookmarking 2

X-Cart Social Bookmarking 2

  • Here's an easy way to add popular social bookmarking links to your pages
  • Helps promote your site and increase SEO performance
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Digg, Technorati, Delicious, Yahoo, Google, Live, Newsvine, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Misterwong and Mail links included
  • Easily add new sites to the list
  • Choice of 16px or 32px PNG or GIF icons
  • Nice optional hover effect and tooltips
  • Compatible with v4.1.x to v4.4.x
  • Cross browser compatible
X-Cart Super FAQs

X-Cart Super FAQs

  • The only Frequently Asked Questions mod you will ever need!
  • Save time on support emails by providing all the necessary info to your customers
  • General AND product FAQs display for your store
  • 10 General FAQ sections available, up to 10 FAQs per section
  • Up to 10 FAQs per product
  • Product FAQs can be placed in a tab
  • Optional accordions with expand/collapse feature
  • Optional accordion features
  • Easy to install, easy to add/update FAQs
  • Uses language labels, so multi-language capable (general FAQs only)
  • HTML is allowed in answers
  • FAQs are anchored, so you can use a link to go directly to/expand any FAQ
  • Easy to customise via the CSS
  • Ideal for developers, use on as many stores as you wish
  • Cross browser compatible, SEO friendly
  • Compatible with X-Cart v4.4.x - v4.7.x - Earlier versions available on request
X-Cart Thumbnail Promos


X-Cart Thumbnail Promos

Simple mod to display short promotional text of your choice over product thumbnails.

  • Adds promo text labels to product thumbnails / images
  • 70 preset text messages or choose your own text per product
  • Preset labels are language labels, so can be multi-lingual if you wish
  • Labels can be displayed in 9 positions, displayed permanently, faded in or floated in on hover
  • Use the default label styles or set a custom label style per product
  • Colour pickers to quickly set background and text colours
  • You can also label any other images elsewhere with basic code
X-Cart Ultimate Slider

X-Cart Ultimate Slider

A powerful, layered image slider to showcase your products and services with eye catching effects!

X-Cart Ultimate Tabbed Product Menu

X-Cart Ultimate Tabbed Product Menu

  • Three state tab buttons, off / hover / selected.
  • Tabs can be aligned left right or centered.
  • Beats other tab mods by the way it can be styled.
  • Easy to customise with CSS and two images only - PNG source file included.
  • Colour themes included.
  • Optional rounded corners effect for tabbed content.
  • Optional remember last tab feature - not available in other tab mods
  • You can set which tab is initially displayed - not available in other tab mods
  • Cross browser compatible.
X-Cart Ultimenu

X-Cart Ultimenu

  • Off canvas, mobile friendly menu with lots of options
  • Optional menu search facility
  • Dynamic product search with optional # of results and thumbnails
  • Light or dark theme
  • Displays categories (up to 4 levels) / manufacturers / static pages / speed bar / languages
  • Position left / right / top / bottom
  • Position front or back
  • Horizontal or vertical menu transitions
  • Lightweight, cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly, easy installation
  • Compatible with X-Cart v4.6.x - v4.7.x
  • UPDATED 5th May 2014
X-Cart Watermarked Images

X-Cart Watermarked Images

  • Protect your copyrighted work, images being downloaded and re-used by competitors
  • Choose to watermark thumbnails, detailed images or both
  • Generates and caches the new watermarked images on the fly
  • Textual watermarking only, ie. no image overlay possible
  • Custom watermark text, else displays your company name
  • Set the watermark transparency
  • Set the location of the watermark on the image (top, middle or bottom)
  • Ability to use any valid truetype font
  • Your source images should be JPEG or PNG for best effect, not GIFs
  • Preserves original images
  • Sharpen and set image quality (JPEG images only)
  • Adds keywords to your watermarked images (good for image SEO)
  • Displays detailed images with the Colorbox popup plugin
  • Does not work with Cloud Zoom
  • Available for X-Cart v4.4.x - v4.7.x

Please note, this module requires the following...

  • Thumbnails and detailed image URL paths should be relative (not absolute)
  • Images need to be stored in the file system (not the database)
  • GD Library with FreeType support enabled