X-Cart Freebies

X-Cart Freebies

X-Cart Freebies - Please note, some may be old or out-dated. Get in touch if you'd like updated versions.


Advanced Page Meta with Character Limiters v4.7.x


Advanced Page Meta with Character Limiters v4.7.x

  • Enables you to update title tags and meta descriptions in bulk in admin
  • Available on products, categories, manufacturers and static pages listings
  • Ability to set limits on the title and meta description character lengths if you wish
  • No need for CDSEO
  • Updated 7th July 2016
X-Cart Add to Cart Popup Alert

X-Cart Add to Cart Popup Alert

  • Alerts your customers that they have added to cart
  • Displays upselling or random products
  • Displays link to cart, checkout or close popup (continue shopping)
  • Works on the product listing pages, search result pages etc. also
  • Uses Shadowbox
  • 6th March 2011 - The mod has been updated to display upselling items properly on the search results pages and it now has proper language labels
X-Cart AJAX Password Strength Meter

X-Cart AJAX Password Strength Meter

  • Ensures that your administrators and customers register with a strong password.
  • Dynamic visual indication of password strength.
  • Add your own unsafe passwords.
  • Set minimum length etc.
  • 30/7/08 - Bugfixes
X-Cart AJAX Product Rating System

X-Cart AJAX Product Rating System

  • Replaces the dull X-Cart rating system with a funky AJAX rating system.
  • Instant product voting without page refreshing, records IP addresses.
  • Use on your product search results pages and product pages.
  • Can easily replace the standard X-Cart product rating dropdown box.
  • Uses a separate database table for ratings.
  • Used on this site - see to the left - login to rate.
X-Cart AJAX Username Checker

X-Cart AJAX Username Checker

  • Checks if your customer’s desired username is available, on the registration page, without page reloading.
  • Suggests alternatives if the usernames are not available.
  • Often one of the main fields that snags up the registration process.
  • Great for stores with loads of customers.
  • Used on this store - try to register with username 'master'.
X-Cart Calendar System

X-Cart Calendar System

  • Useful calendar system to announce store events etc.
  • Multiple administrators.
  • Easy to install, cross browser compatible.
X-Cart Cerdmann Image Text Technique

X-Cart Cerdmann Image Text Technique

  • Display dynamic text elements as images - product names, prices etc.
  • Use your own fonts, highly customisable.
  • GD library required.
  • 27/03/07 - Instructions added for more SEO friendly usage.
  • The prices shown on this site are dynamically generated images using this mod.
  • You may also like to check out cufón.
X-Cart Commentics Integration

X-Cart Commentics Integration

Forget the X-Cart reviews/ratings module, forget Facebook and Twitter, this is the reviews/comments module you've been waiting for!

  • Tons of options, anti-spam measures, ratings, subscriptions, RSS feeds etc. etc.
  • Commentics even has the golden element for SEO - Rich Snippets
  • Displays comments on product pages and static pages !
  • Displays recent comments and other statistics on your homepage
  • Compatible with X-Cart v4.1.x - v4.5.x
  • Visit www.commentics.org for more details
  • Compatible with Clean URLs and other URL rewriting mods
  • 27th March 2012 - Updated to fix database connection issue.
  • 16th April 2012 - Fixed pagination issue
  • 26th June 2012 - Updated integration files to use Commentics v2.0
  • 5th Aug 2012 - Updated integration files to use Commentics v2.1 and removed 2 install steps
  • 10th Oct 2012 - Updated, tested with Commentics v2.2
  • 19th Dec 2013 - Patch updated for v4.6.x


  • Captcha
  • Smilies
  • BB Code
  • Preview
  • Star Ratings
  • Pagination
  • Email Subscription
  • Swear/Spam Filter
  • Anti-flooding
  • Terms Acceptance
  • RSS Feed


  • Highly Configurable
  • Multiple Admins
  • Database Backup
  • Online Viewers
  • Drag & Drop Design
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Version Check
  • Statistics
  • Ban System
  • Help Pages
  • Last Login
X-Cart Date/Time Picker For Product Options

X-Cart Date/Time Picker For Product Options

Please also see this tutorial

  • Adds a date/time picker for your ‘text field’ based product options.
  • Ideal if you are selling time sensitive products/events/holidays etc.
  • Date/time pickers can be attached to specific ‘text field’ based product options.
X-Cart Direct Product Enquiry Form

X-Cart Direct Product Enquiry Form

  • Displays a direct product enquiry form on each product page.
  • Sends an email to admin with product name, product link, name, email, telephone, enquiries, browser and IP address.
  • Speeds up enquiry responses.
  • Fully customisable with language variables.
  • Validated form fields.
  • CAPTCHA image for greater security (GDLib required)
  • IP address and ’stop words’ filters.
  • Compatible with v4.0.x - v4.3.x
X-Cart Dymo Order Label Printing

X-Cart Dymo Order Label Printing

  • Ultra fast order label printing with a Dymo printer.
  • Use the Dymo format, or copy addresses individually with one click.
  • Instant printing using the Dymo software 'Smart Paste' feature.
  • Click here for more info on the printers
X-Cart FAQ Manager

X-Cart FAQ Manager

  • Instant knowledge base for your store!
  • Easily add/remove/update FAQ categories/questions/answers.
  • Questions and answers stored in your x-cart database
  • HTML allowed in answers.
  • Customisable HTML header and footer.
  • WYSIWYG HTML editors included, with image uploader
  • 2nd April 2010 - Updated to use FCKEditor v2.6.4.1 and CKFinder
  • 20th March 2011 - Updated for v4.4.x - Here
  • 9th May 2014 - Updated for v4.5.x - v4.6.x - Here

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