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Adding X-Cart Custom Product Fields

Adding X-Cart Custom Product Fields

This is something we get asked a lot, so we thought we'd make it our first tutorial.

Sometimes product 'extra fields' can be fiddly to work with and you want to have more flexibility with your product data.

By adding 'custom' product fields, you can do a lot more, for example you might want to add extra specification fields, product video / download links or anything else.


In this quick v4.4.x - v4.7.x tutorial, we'll show you how to add 3 new custom product fields...

  1. Text Field - Standard text field
  2. Textarea Field - We'll assume you want to put HTML code in this field
  3. Select Dropdown Field - Simple yes or no (or checkbox if you prefer)

For simplicity, we'll name the 3 new fields - cpfield1, cpfield2 and cpfield3 respectively.

First we need to patch the database xcart_products table and add some new language labels...

In Tools > Patch/Upgrade in the SQL query(ies) box paste and apply the following...

ALTER TABLE `xcart_products` ADD `cpfield1` text NULL , ADD `cpfield2` text NULL , ADD `cpfield3` varchar(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'N';
REPLACE INTO xcart_languages SET code='en', name='lbl_custom_field_1', value='Custom Field 1', topic='Labels';
REPLACE INTO xcart_languages SET code='en', name='lbl_custom_field_2', value='Custom Field 2', topic='Labels';
REPLACE INTO xcart_languages SET code='en', name='lbl_custom_field_3', value='Custom Field 3', topic='Labels';

Should you need or wish to drop the new fields and data, paste and apply the following SQL patch...

ALTER TABLE `xcart_products` DROP `cpfield1`, DROP `cpfield2`, DROP `cpfield3`;

Next we need to add the 3 entry fields to the product modify pages.

Create a new file called product_custom_fields.tpl and paste the following into it...

  <td colspan="3"><hr /></td>
{* Custom Product Text Field - cpfield1 *}
  {if $geid ne ''}<td width="15" class="TableSubHead"><input type="checkbox" value="Y" name="fields[cpfield1]" /></td>{/if}
  <td class="FormButton" nowrap="nowrap">{$lng.lbl_custom_field_1}:</td>
  <td class="ProductDetails"><input type="text" name="cpfield1" id="cpfield1" size="20" maxlength="32" value="{$product.cpfield1|escape}" class="InputWidth" /></td>
{* Custom Product Textarea Field - cpfield2 *}
  {if $geid ne ''}<td width="15" class="TableSubHead"><input type="checkbox" value="Y" name="fields[cpfield2]" /></td>{/if}
  <td class="FormButton" nowrap="nowrap">{$lng.lbl_custom_field_2}:</td>
  <td class="ProductDetails">
 {include file="main/textarea.tpl" name="cpfield2" cols=45 rows=8 data=$product.cpfield2 width="100%" btn_rows=4}
{* Custom Product Select Dropdown Field - cpfield3 *}
  {if $geid ne ''}<td width="15" class="TableSubHead"><input type="checkbox" value="Y" name="fields[cpfield3]" /></td>{/if}
  <td class="FormButton" nowrap="nowrap">{$lng.lbl_custom_field_3}:</td>
  <td class="ProductDetails">
  <select name="cpfield3">
 <option value='N'{if $product.cpfield3 eq 'N'} selected="selected"{/if}>{$lng.lbl_no}</option>
 <option value='Y'{if $product.cpfield3 eq 'Y'} selected="selected"{/if}>{$lng.lbl_yes}</option>
  {* If you prefer a checkbox, use this code instead of the select dropdown...
  <input type="checkbox" name="cpfield3" value="Y"{if $product.cpfield3 eq "Y"} checked="checked"{/if} />

Then upload the new file to skin/common_files/main

Then in skin/common_files/main/product_details.tpl

Wherever you want the fields to appear, eg. after...

{if $active_modules.New_Arrivals}
  {include file="modules/New_Arrivals/new_arrivals_product_modify_fields.tpl" product=$product}


{* Custom Product Fields *}
{include file="main/product_custom_fields.tpl"}
{* /Custom Product Fields *}

Next we need to allow inserting of the new fields into the database...

In include/product_modify.php


 'title_tag' => $title_tag,


 'cpfield1' => $cpfield1,
 'cpfield2' => $cpfield2,
 'cpfield3' => $cpfield3,

Next in order to allow HTML in the cpfield2 field, we need to make it a 'trusted' field.

In admin/product_modify.php





Then in provider/product_modify.php





Now we need to clear the X-Cart / template cache.

In Tools > Maintenance, under 'Force cache generation', click the 'Force cache generation' button.

In Tools > Maintenance, under 'Clear templates/X-Cart cache', click the 'Clear' button.


So having added some data to the new fields, we can start to use them in the store...

{if $product.cpfield1 ne ""}{$lng.lbl_custom_field_1}: {$product.cpfield1}{/if}
{if $product.cpfield2 ne ""}{$lng.lbl_custom_field_2}: {$product.cpfield2}{/if}


{$lng.lbl_custom_field_3}: {if $product.cpfield3 eq "Y"}YUP{else}NOPE{/if}
: *
: *
: *
Date Pickers for Product Options


Date Pickers for Product Options

Easily add date pickers to custom text field based product options...

This is useful if you have products where the customer needs to schedule something or other.