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Welcome to X-Cart Mods

We are a small UK based team of web developers who have been working on ecommerce websites and search engine optimisation (SEO) since 1998. Since 2001 we have used X-Cart as our PHP ecommerce platform of choice and in that time have provided help and assistance to thousands of businesses around the world.

Feel free to contact us with your X-Cart requirements, be they X-Cart Installations, X-Cart Upgrades, X-Cart Optimization, X-Cart SEO or anything else.


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We wish you all a happy and prosperous 2017 !

Featured Products

X-Cart Ultra Responsive Template


X-Cart Ultra Responsive Template

X-Cart Ultra is a fast, advanced, fully responsive, SEO friendly template for X-Cart Classic, based on Bootstrap 4

X-Cart reBOOT Responsive Template

X-Cart reBOOT Responsive Template

X-Cart reBOOT is a multi-purpose, fully responsive template based on the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework of them all, Bootstrap.

X-Cart Advanced Upselling Products


X-Cart Advanced Upselling Products

  • Displays upselling products from a specific single category OR a specific single manufacturer
  • Set the maximum number of upselling products displayed per product
  • Optional randomized upselling products per product
X-Cart Responsive Featured Products Carousels


X-Cart Responsive Featured Products Carousels

  • Responsive featured product carousels
  • Three display modes, two 3D and one 2D
  • Touch enabled
  • Optional autoplay
  • Optional mouse wheel control
  • Optional shadows and reflections
  • Customisable according to your product thumbnail size
  • We recommend that your product thumbnails are of equal size
  • v4.6.x - v4.7.x
X-Cart Advanced Product Videos


X-Cart Advanced Product Videos


  • Updated 3rd April 2015
  • Up to five videos per product
  • Supports YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Lightbox video previews from within the admin product modify page
  • Videos can be placed inside or outside the tabs on the product page
  • Videos can be displayed in responsive IFrames (you can set the maximum width also)
  • Or videos can play in responsive lightboxes (10 different lightbox skins available)
  • Automatically generates video thumbnails (lightboxes option)
  • Optional video tooltips / descriptions
  • Video SEO ready (YouTube videos) - Testing Tool
  • BONUS! Responsive YouTube video channel addon, with various options
  • Easy install, available for v4.4.x - v4.7.x

Videos are essential for promoting your products nowadays, this module makes it easier...

We'll consider adding locally hosted videos support (.mp4 etc.), if there's demand.

Updated 26th April 2015 - Now supports video titles, a second IFrame video view and improved video schema code.

X-Cart Redactor HTML Editors

X-Cart Redactor HTML Editors

  • Lightweight WYSIWYG HTML editors for product descriptions, static pages, news etc.
  • Drag and drop image and file uploaders built-in!
X-Cart Responsive Audio Player

X-Cart Responsive Audio Player

  • Responsive HTML5 product audio player
  • With playlist, shuffle, loop, seek bar, volume etc.
  • Up to 20 MP3 audio files per product
  • Displays players on product listing pages and product pages
X-Cart AJAX Dynamic Search MK3

X-Cart AJAX Dynamic Search MK3

  • Dynamic search boxes for products / categories / manufacturers
  • Displays thumbnails for products
  • Fast performance, even on big stores
X-Cart Ultimenu

X-Cart Ultimenu

  • Off canvas, mobile friendly menu with lots of options
  • Optional menu search facility
  • Dynamic product search with optional # of results and thumbnails
  • Light or dark theme
  • Displays categories (up to 4 levels) / manufacturers / static pages / speed bar / languages
  • Position left / right / top / bottom
  • Position front or back
  • Horizontal or vertical menu transitions
  • Lightweight, cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly, easy installation
  • Compatible with X-Cart v4.6.x - v4.7.x
  • UPDATED 5th May 2014