Welcome to X-Cart Mods

We are a small UK based team of web developers who have been working on ecommerce websites and search engine optimisation (SEO) since 1998. Since 2001 we have used X-Cart as our PHP ecommerce platform of choice and in that time have provided help and assistance to thousands of businesses around the world.

Here we offer some unique X-Cart Mods and X-Cart Templates at low cost. Feel free to contact us with your X-Cart requirements.

Featured Products

  • X-Cart reBOOT Responsive Template

    X-Cart reBOOT Responsive Template

    • Fully responsive template that performs well on mobiles, tablets and desktops
    • Compatible with Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum at no extra cost
    • Pleasant, modern design and easily customisable
    • Developer friendly, well thought out template structure
    • Based on Bootstrap v3.3.2 and with FontAwesome v4.3.0
    • Compatible with IE 9/10/11 (Some IE8 Support), Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
    • Plenty of layout and design possibilities
    • Fast and SEO Friendly
    • Tried and tested template solution
  • X-Cart AJAX Dynamic Search MK3

    X-Cart AJAX Dynamic Search MK3

    • Dynamic search boxes for products / categories / manufacturers
    • Displays thumbnails for products
    • Fast performance, even on big stores
  • X-Cart Redactor HTML Editors

    X-Cart Redactor HTML Editors

    • Lightweight WYSIWYG HTML editors for product descriptions, static pages, news etc.
    • Drag and drop image and file uploaders built-in!
    $89.00 save 22%
  • X-Cart Responsive Audio Player

    X-Cart Responsive Audio Player

    • Responsive HTML5 product audio player
    • With playlist, shuffle, loop, seek bar, volume etc.
    • Up to 20 MP3 audio files per product
    • Displays players on product listing pages and product pages
  • X-Cart Responsive Featured Products Carousels

    X-Cart Responsive Featured Products Carousels

    • Responsive featured product carousels
    • Three display modes, two 3D and one 2D
    • Touch enabled
    • Optional autoplay
    • Optional mouse wheel control
    • Optional shadows and reflections
    • Customisable according to your product thumbnail size
    • v4.6.x
  • X-Cart Ultimenu

    X-Cart Ultimenu

    • Off canvas, mobile friendly menu with lots of options
    • Optional menu search facility
    • Dynamic product search with optional # of results and thumbnails
    • Light or dark theme
    • Displays categories (up to 4 levels) / manufacturers / static pages / speed bar / languages
    • Position left / right / top / bottom
    • Position front or back
    • Horizontal or vertical menu transitions
    • Lightweight, cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly, easy installation
    • Compatible with X-Cart v4.6.x
    • UPDATED 5th May 2014


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